Greetings to my dear visitors! Welcome to the inspirational website about those who are fabulous, elegant, charming, glamorous and are able to solve a set of Maxwell's equations. 

Why have I created this website?

I want to share with the entire world the real stories of successful women in physics. I am going to publish the interviews of all of the female physicist that I meet. The interview will consist of simple questions about their career journey and how they became a PHYSICIST. Portraits will be included because you should know what your heroes look like.

Why is it important?

Only 20% of Physics Ph.D.'s in the USA are awarded to women and only half of them are American. Only 14% of all the physics professors are women. Do you find those numbers repulsive? 

If I ask you to name female scientists you know, who would it be? Marie Curie and ..... who else? 

My goal is to change it and WE can do it! 

I truly believe that nothing can inspire better than a real-life example. If you have been thinking about your career in physics but did not know where to start, this website can help you. I hope that the stories of my classmates, colleagues and professors will inspire you to become one of us, WOMEN in PHYSICS.